torsdag 20 juni 2013

My life is chaos. And not even sexy, James Dean-crashed-and-burned-and-ripped-his-leather-jacket chaos. Just sad-everything-is-covered-in-cat hair chaos.

So, I haven't written anything here for ages because I've been busy not cleaning my apartment and not writing my thesis. In fact, I have been so busy not doing anything that I think I have a stress-induced ulcer. My apartment is covered in crap: old coffee cups, tissues, milk cartons, candy wrappers and cat hair. My current theory is that this is all some sort of Agatha Christie-like conspiracy. Like "Murder on the Orient Express", when everyone stabbed the victim once, but instead of stabbing, all of my friends have broken into my apartment and littered. So passive aggressive murder, basically.

But I'm gonna write something soon. Something hilarious. Something that will bring you to tears and make you question everything you've even believed in. Something that will restore your faith in humanity.

It's probably gonna be about donuts, I haven't decided yet.