lördag 31 december 2011

2011 is so 2009

Its New Years Eve, and once again time for yet another year to end and a new one to begin. 2011 was both a terrible year and an amazing one; I have never cried nor laughed as much, as during the past year, and for that I am greatful. However, apart from the impending inebriation and following hangover, New Years Eve also symbolizes something else; the beginning of something new, a clean slate, tabula rasa if you want to be pretentious (Hint: I want to.) The problem is, every year since I was ten, I have the same New Years resolution: To live a healthier life, to stop eating myself into the grave, to let myself be happy more often and to become president. Unfortunately, the last one is the easiest of the resolutions. So, this year, I have decided to make New Years resolutions that are fail-proof - I cannot fail to keep them. Thus:

New Years resolutions for 2012

1. Wear clothing when I leave the apartment.
2. Occasionally chew my food.
3. Digest said food.
4. Breathe on a daily basis
5. Talk to people.
6. Eat things with colours in it.
7. Watch TV. 
8. Blink every other second.
9. Kiss my boyfriend. And cat. Possibly make them kiss each other. 
10. See a shrink.

A happy new year to you all!

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