fredag 26 augusti 2011

George RR Martin; The Chris Brown of fantasy authors

I have recently been introduced to the amazing series of novels included in "A song of Ice and Fire" and the television series called "Game of Thrones", and am consequently as obsessed as possible when it comes to reading, discussing, re-watching every single episode and crying every time one of my beloved characters die. And trust me, they tend to do that A LOT. I am currently reading the last pages in the second book, "Clash of Kings", and towards the end, I just couldn't endure it anymore and hid the book until I felt emotionally stable enough to process the events which took place. Because something you must know before you begin to emotionally attach yourself to these marvelous series of novels and television episodes; Game of Thrones/ASOIAF is exactly, and I mean exactly, as evil and unjust as reality, but filled with dragons. Most of us have been raised on sugarcoated Disney films where the good guys always triumph, the evil ones perish and the princess get the prince. And no one is a dwarf or fucks his own twin sister. BORING. However, one positive aspect of Disney films is that even though you are aware of the storylines' total detachment from reality and reason, you like it. You want the princess and the prince to live happily ever after. You want the kingdom to blossom, the peasants to be well fed and content, the good to always win over evil, because these fantasies are something we need to be able to withstand all of the real world's misery and injustice. The problem that now reveals itself is; if the Theodicy Problem can be applied to question the existence of a deity when the world is filled with evil, can it also be applied to question the character of George R.R Martin, when he kills ALL OF MY FUCKING FAVOURITE CHARACTERS. I have since starting to read the series become a heartless and cold monster, distancing myself from loving the characters too much or getting too attached, as I very well know they could die a gruesome death on the following page. However, I know that I will never be able to leave this series; I must follow it to the end, despite the pain it forces me to endure. George R.R Martin is like the Chris Brown of fantasy authors; he beats you up every saturday, you leave him and cry your heart out and promise that this time, I will leave him for good, that this time, I deserve better than to be endlessly hurt this way. And then one day, he stands outside your apartment with a few sad roses and promises to never hurt you again, that this time it will be different, and that it really was your fault that he hit you (you did nag a lot, and therefore he became mad at you). And you think, just one more chance. I'll give him just one more chance, then that's it. 

However, in just a few days, you sit there, sobbing into the book and quietly asking yourself "Why do you constantly go back to this? Why?"

You know why? Because it is one of the best book series I have ever read. That's why. 

But if he hurts Tyrion, I will fucking kill him. Self defense, of course.

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