söndag 24 juli 2011

An introduction

Hello, fellow procrastinators. I've done something so radical, so groundbreaking that scientists worldwide gasp of chock and amazement and women approach me in the streets, begging me to bless their babies' foreheads with a tender kiss - I've started a blog. So yeah. Take that society.

This blog will probably just be an outlet where I can write and say things that generally just make people throw things at me and chase me with pitchforks and torches ablaze. Apart from my mothertongue Swedish, I am also fluent in awkward silence as well as drunken gibberish, with a P.h.D in ruining family dinners by using sentences such as "I think I would be really lousy at committing genocide - I mean, I'm such a procrastinator. I would probably start the day with checking facebook, reading a few blogs, calling a friend and drawing quirky genocide-to-do-lists before actually getting on with the task at hand."

                                           Fuck iPad, I want this for christmas. 

Interests are dressing up my cat Nietzsche in bowties and letting him play with such wonderful toys as these, replacing friends with memes, googling "how conjoined twins have intercourse" and studying history at Lunds university in Sweden. I used to have a life which prohibited me from blogging, but thankfully I have now had that pest taken care of, so now I'm free as a bird to spread my literary faeces across the internetz.

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