söndag 23 oktober 2011

I will not eat until Tibet is free (Or until the salmon comes out. Whatever occurs first.)

                        I will cling to this chair until justice is served. And by justice, 
                       I mean nicer food than that wholesome crap you're giving me right now.

To put it in simple terms, my cat is on a hunger strike in order to protest to the new, totalitarian regime change in his diet; I switched his daily salmon mousse with proper cat food. I am a veritable Kim Jong Il, I know. What's next - telling him that he can't wake up my boyfriend by biting his nose? WE SHALL OVERCOME! The problem is, that my cat is the best martyr in the world. Right now, despite him being fully aware of the huge amount of food that is on his plate, he is painfully dragging his starving body around the apartment, staring at me with begging eyes that either says "You could end this suffering so easily, why won't you give me food from your plate? Do you really expect me to eat this peasants' food?" or "When the revolution comes, I will end you." As a proper protester and probably influenced by the current occupation of Wall Street, he has occupied all of my pens and my only chair until change has been made.

I'm probably going to have to hide all my matches and lighters. If any cat would go all "Tibetian man sets himself on fire during protest", it would be mine.

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  1. The totalitarian change of diet has been postponed until I take care of him. I'm starting to fear that you'll just use me like Cesare Borgia used Remirro de Orco, but hopefully you have better ways of using me.