lördag 15 oktober 2011

Math. It kills people. Well, people who do math sooner or later die. Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

((p <--> q) & (r v s)) ---> t


I am studying for a philosophy exam regarding deductive arguments and critical thinking, and I just presumed that we were going to sit and judge people on TV or just find reasons to hate our bodies; much like I usually use my capability to think critically.  BUT THIS IS MATH. MATH. Not even real math, just the kind of made up math that's scribbled on the black board in bad pornos where the teacher goes "You've been a naughty girl" and the student's parents are like "Um, this is a really weird parent-teacher conference" and the girl is all "Aren't you the janitor" and the teacher is all "You've been bad" and the parents are all like "YEAH, WE KNOW! SHE STABBED SIX PEOPLE WITH A PAIR OF SCISSORS WHILE HUMMING WAGNERS RIDE OF THE WALKYRIES!" and then everybody have sex. I might have confused porno with real life again. It is possible. But still a valid point.

Right now, I am so depressed that the mere thought of studying is making me want to go ballistic. However, since I am quite terrified of the idea that people would perhaps think lesser of me if I committed a school shooting (It will always be awkward at dinner parties after that, you just know it.) I just resorted to a more passive aggressive version and printed about 100 unnecessary papers from the school printer just to take a stand. Yeah, that's right world, I FUCKED YOU UP GOOD! You might not notice the ramifications right now, but in like 50 years when all the forests are dead and presidents does pole dancing for money to afford the national budget and they have stopped producing vanilla flavoured alcohol (Armageddon, pretty much), then, THEN, you will feel the pain!

Meh, this is ridiculous. I'm just gonna take my suicidal "fuck all" attitude and complete lack of respect for my own life and go to bed without brushing my teeth. Yeah. I'm practically the guys from Fight Club.

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